How Principle circuit Frequency Estimator work

Workings of frequency above the measuring circuit is actually very easy to understand. You should not be fooled by the number of components used. Circuit above looks more crowded because of the support series for seven segment display and a timer or a monostable circuit. The above series of works that deliberately use a timer set for the time period 1 (one) second. While the number of frequencies used to calculate the positive cycle of input signal itself. Where the input signal is used as a clock counter circuit. Then a second timer signal from the monostable circuit logic is then multiplied by the input signal using an AND gate. So that when the signal from the monostable logic high for one second, then the input clock counter circuits will get the same logic as in the measurement input signal. But after one second signal from the monostable will be worth 0 volts so that the frequency calculation is stopped.

Frequency counter circuit above is an example of a very simple and is applicable to the measurement signals that have a 3-volt voltage to 9 volts. While for the voltage measurement is less than 3 volts will be read by a logic AND gate as low despite the swing signals. Then the voltage is too large will also be able to cause damage to the circuit.
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