Car Amplifier Schematic

The design of Car Amplifier Schematic is made by Mr. T.Giesberts. The article consist of 13 pages. If you read them till finish, you will be able to make yourself car amplifier.This Project is “Car amplifier” and its basic parts- SMPS, Amplifier, Preamplifier and Protection circuit witch are based on originally schematic from service manual of Kenwood Auto amplifier KAC-716.
I've work on this project about five mounts and it WORKS.
From originally schematic of KAC-716, I have produced PCB’s separately for SMPS, Amplifier, Preamplifier and Protection sow it can be develop extremely effortless.
All electronics capacitor from Amplifier, Preamplifier and Protection are 50 volts range. Input capacitors 2x 3300uf/16volts and output capacitors 2x2200uf/50volts and additionally 2x1500uf/50volts need to have 105 C temperature ranges.
All documents are in PDF format and JPEG. The PCB’s are in original sizes.
The SMPS isn't regulated so the output voltage will depend on turns ratio in ferrite core. I used 2 x 4 turn’s primary wire and for second it depends of why high will likely be the output voltage.
By choosing a appropriate resistance for resistor R222/1W connected with pin 6 of UPC1237 we should set up maximum current of 80mA. The valley of R222 depends of internal resistance of relay and supply. For much better calculation download the datasheet for UPC1237 form Internet-Read the note for utilizing UPC1237 and you are able to recognize what kind of other protections are given from this IC’s and employed in this style.
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