Capacitor for DSC1500.1D

Shunt compensators for harmonic compensation, load balancing and power factor correction have been proposed within the literature. The compensator consists of a VSI operated as a present source using hysteresis band current control. Numerous methods for generation of reference compensator currents have been used, e.g. the theory of instantaneous symmetrical components, instantaneous pq theory, etc. A considerable problem in these compensators that has two or much more capacitors is the capacitor voltage unbalance and drift because of the DC component of the current inside the neutral path. This degrades the tracking performance of the VSI and should be corrected. The paper describes an inverter chopper configuration and the various control methods to regulate the capacitor voltages to a reference value. The operation of the program has been verified via simulation of a 440 V, 3-phase program supplying unbalanced 3-phase R-L load and 3-phase half wave rectifiers. Detailed simulation outcomes utilizing MATLAB have been given
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