as a DC power who smber where the voltage value berfariasi mpy y-coil voltage 115v else went out tgangan 180v to RGB vertical Combination-24V to-33v-12vke tuner to VT.voltase voltage, the output to the ABL,, 5V AC to vilamen CRT - 23 kv to VR VOKUS, SCREEN, TR horizontal collectors.
The images appear normal-TPI-white line appears krg LBH 1m - measuring voltage B +180 TR bound to the collector through R, 10K-15K-12k-2WATT-wrn wrn sometimes blur mncl red-green-blue., sometimes PD Combination There RGB 3VR +2 Vr for drivers
resolve tv repairing ic chrome video tv ,Tgn-measure (B +)-measuring the voltage B + pda RGB out masing2 vr-measure, whether or not to replace Elko
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