Drafting Software

The software is built using the language asembler, based on flow charts that have been compiled in Fig. Some pieces of the program used to handle the system is as follows.

To provide stand-by mode to HP will be sent commands AT + CNMI = 1.1. This command is sent to HP with the serial data transfer, the following program snippet illustrates the data transmission.

















DB ‘AT+CNMI=1,1′,13,10

DB 0

Jika ada SMS yang masuk, maka sistem akan membaca isi SMS dengan memberikan perintah AT+CMGR=1. Potongan program berikut digunakan untuk membaca isi SMS pada alamat 1.








Isi sms akan diproses apakah sesuai dengan kata kunci atau tidak, jika sesuai dengan kata kunci maka perintah akan dieksekusi. Jika terjadi error maka sistem akan memberikan SMS balasan ke user. Untuk membandingkan data SMS yang masuk dengan kata kunci maka digunakan potongan program berikut.











MOV R0,#16 ;’DTE 2 ON’?







L1ON: DB ‘08446A1114033D9D’

L2ON: DB ‘08446A1124033D9D’

L1OFF: DB ‘09446A1114033D8D46′

L2OFF: DB ‘09446A1124033D8D46′
Kode SMS

To give order to the system, not all known by SMS capable system. SMS only certain known that could have been adjusted by the system. Various plans kode-kode SMS are presented in Tabel below.

Plan Kode SMS








Menyalakan lampu 1




Menyalakan lampu 2




Memadamkan lampu 1




Memadamkan lampu 2




Melihat status lampu 1 & 2


Lampu 1 on


Pesan error (UNKNOW COMMAND)


Lampu 2 on


Pesan error (UNKNOW COMMAND)
Now I have a lot of electric lighting control devices remotely using the remote to the media or infrared waves, but still rare equipment that can control the electric lights when they're at a distance by using the GSM provider facilities. So the design of an electric lamp control remote is trying to use SMS facility on mobile phones, which are expected to control and monitor electric light equipment remotely from any area of origin is still affordable GSM operator signal.

Hardware Box Diagram

Lighting control system with this SMS media, designed based on AT89S51 microcontroller based. Figure shows the block diagram of this instrument.

Block diagram of the system

Diagram shown in Fig overall system box. HP Siemens M35 is used as a SMS Gateway. HP with a microcontroller connected by using a data cable using RS232 serial communication. Types of communication used is UART model.

Microcontroller has a role as a base system. Microcontroller will read and communicate with HP, then control the light with the help of relay drivers, and to read sensors that have passed a comparator.

Drivers installed aims to control the lamp voltage acting on AC/220V. This is absolutely necessary because the microcontroller only works with TTL voltage levels and CMOS, and is unable to directly control the lights.

A phototransistor sensors are used to change the light conditions in the quantity of electricity. In order for an analog sensor that is able to be read by the microcontroller which is digital, so need to install a comparator. These comparators compare the charge for entering the sensor pin () op-amp with a reference voltage at pin (-) op-amp as dark or light and convert it into digital logic on its output pin. While the gate 74LS14 not have the ability to trigger a pulse on the data input and output of the IC sheet is already standard TTL that can be directly connected with microcontroller. Gate 74LS14 not also be used to reverse the situation so that the input voltage at high input value then the output will be low.

Microcontroller and mobile communication

To communicate between the microcontroller and mobile communication facilities required by the model serial UART speed to 19200bps HP Siemens M35 type. This speed will vary depending on the type of HP used. The voltage used is RS232. Meanwhile microcontroller only provides serial communication facilities UART TX pin, and Rx with RS232 voltage levels. This requires an adapter system that can change the TTL voltage levels to RS232 levels.

At HP Siemens M35 connector is for communicating with external devices. Usually this connector can be accessed by serial data cable. Generally, the data cable is equipped with a RS232 converter to the microcontroller requires an additional tool that the converter modules from TTL to RS232. Scheme presented in Fig serial communication circuit RS232.

RS232 communication

To meet the required standard RS232 communication converter IC MAX232. IC is manufactured by Maxim dallas semiconductor. In this IC system was equipped with a RS232 adapter that connects to live T1IN with pin pin TXD on P3.1 of microcontroller, and connects with R1IN pin RXD pin on P3.0 of the microcontroller.

On the HP before entering the terminal must be first converted into voltage levels that can be accessed by a Hand Phone. Generally, this conversion is automatically done by the data cable from Hand Phone is. Model data cable connection to the HP Siemens M35 described in Figure

Model data cable Hand Phone Siemens M35

Model presented in Figure data cable connection is compatible with the PC. Presented in Figure connections at HP Siemens M35. On this connector there are 2 pins as lines of communication. In connection Hand Phone Siemens M35, which pins should be connected in accordance with the function of each terminal. The functions of each device are presented in table

Fig Terminal port on the HP Siemens M35

Table Function HP Siemens M35 terminal

2SELF SERVICERecognition / Battery ChargerIn/Out
3LOADCharging VoltageIn
5DATA OUTData SendOut
6DATA INData ReceiveIn
7Z_CLKRecognition / Control Accesoris
8Z_DATARecognition / Control Accesoris
9MICGGround for MicrophoneIn
10MICMicrophone input
11AUDLoudspeaker outputOut
12AUDGGround for Loudspeaker

Sensor dan Komparator

In the SMS application system to control the lamp is close the loop. It needs to be installed for the light sensor to monitor the light produced by light. In addition, the light sensor will also provide notification of interruptions or signal to the microcontroller.

This sensor uses the main components phototransistor. Phototransistor is a light sensitive component that works as a transistor works. Phototransistor output amplifier strengthened by the comparison or commonly referred to as the comparator. Comparator output is inserted into a Schmitt trigger input before accessible to the microcontroller. The purpose of the Schmitt trigger is installed, so that the output voltage level in accordance with TTL voltage levels. Images presented image sensor light.

Picture Sensor Light

The workings of this series is if exposed to light the phototransistor will be closed or small bertahanan. So that at the foot of the comparator non-inverting input will be of low value or lower than the inverting input voltage. So that the comparator output voltage will be low. This voltage will then be a logic behind higher by inverting Schmitt trigger that will be a 74LS14 logic 1. If not exposed to light the phototransistor resistance value would be high, or a transistor circuit load. Inverting input so that the value will be higher than non-inverting input. This will cause the comparator output high and then reversed by a 74LS14 Schmitt trigger is low.

So when exposed to light, the sensor output will be high, and if not exposed to the light sensor output will be low. Potentiometer R2 serves to adjust the voltage of comparison or reference voltage.

Relay Driver and Load

Microcontroller can issue 0V and 5V voltage. But in reality this voltage can not be used directly to drive the load. This is because the current can pass by the legs of a very small microcontroller. It needs to be installed for devices that can strengthen the flow, so it can be used to move the load. This tool usually called by the driver.

Driver circuit usually consists of power transistors. But for the load voltage of 220V AC switches need to install electronic device that relays. Ironically microcontroller relays are not able to move directly, it needs to be installed for the transistor. In Figure presented a driver for AC 220V lamp with microcontroller control.

Driver Picture lights

In Figure 3.7 driver circuit, the transistor used to drive the transistor FCS9012 TIP 31. This is done because the current from the microcontroller is too small. Meanwhile transistor TIP 31 is used to drive relays. The workings of this series is, if given a low or 0V logic of microcontroller port, then the T1 PNP will work or connected to the base of the NPN T2 will berlogika high, so the T2 NPN will work or connect. So if T2 is connected to a relay 12 VDC supply voltage. After the relay ON, then at the point of NO (Normaly open) will close and will be connected to phase 220 VAC and a current will flow into the lamp so the lamp 1 lights 1.

Conversely if the microcontroller port issue logic high (1), this situation would make T1 PNP will not work because the PNP transistor is active low, so no current flows into the pin base NPN T2 and not make the relay work. With this output relay will be connected to NC (Normally Close), so that the lamp will not light 1 as not connected with the voltage phase 220 VAC. Resistors 1 and 2 of this resistor is limiting the base current for transistors, resistors besanya values can be sought by way of a mathematical way to see the value of each HFE transistor from the data sheet.
This is not a tutorial or article step by step to do so, just popping fun ideas fit again pups (read boker), hehe well not strange fit most dapet idea again when solemn itutuh. Jump aja deh written, rather than forgotten or are no friends elektronya more qualified science, so please dipraktekin own, well this point basbang banget dah.

2 Fruit nimpuk Mobile Jadul for dogs (Nukie or Si'Emen).
1 Fruit Relay
1 Fruit SIM card for the Host, which is not no death aka not expired, so far the U.S. Sympathy.
1 Fruit SIM card for the caller.
The cables and some workshop tools and electronics such as solder or a screwdriver.
Plot Ideas

Relay in the jumpers between Busi and engine or vehicle device is revoked immediately die. Make Relay as a bridge between the two.
Relay connected to the Mobile, sacrifice Dinamo Vibrator (ce'ilee vibrator) on mobile phones to activate the relay.
Mobile Host attached to a vehicle. Flow of ideas concerned with the number 2. Do not be conspicuous, be in the seat.

While the motor ignited in a position where (depending on the operator), motor / car can be instantly turned off by his host miscall numbers, because if the mobile host receives an automatic call vibrator dynamo who was directly linked to directly relay relay switch relay and immediately decided to plug the flow of engine, or spark plugs nyopotin rough language.
Miscall once again to start the vehicle (not to be confused tuh thieves).
When the motor running again and as he passed the police station, turn the motor back tuh me miscall Mobile Host, the new telephone deh and say the police officer who stops a motor at their post with number plates Blah blah blah is your motorcycle.
Well just an idea really, but there kalo cost and time allows so wanted nyoba, I hope none of you who want to nyoba-nyoba. Please try, sorry to reply just simply nonsense.

NB: Damage to the Mobile or any equipment / vehicle / yourself and others that are used as a test, outside the responsibility of the author.

I hope nobody who read the conspiracy Curanmor this blog .

pengendali jarak jauh dengan handphone

it is possible to handle the connection via handphone Lock and close the door by using mobile phones as a remote control. Very effective and efficient if we try to apply in an office environment that has a central door as access in and out into the room. Enough that the central door 1 we use our automatic door modifications to install mobile phone and sim card and gave him an automatic has a mobile phone number as the remote control number. So we can open and close the door in Jakarta from Bandung, Yogyakarta and even abroad. Fun is not it? It's just a thought, because I aka key officers and artisans open the door closes.
If you really want to make a Ph sensor,is is a link where I found a way to make it: http://users.bigpond.net.au/eagle33/elect/ph-cct.htm
Actually if u read from the link above pH sensor is built with a combined pH electrode with differential amplifiers ...
can I know what's best for ph electrode? plz anyone can give me the model ph electrodes are available in the market today.
Now with Automatic touch screen BOD
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Advanced Semiconductor, Inc. manufactures a line of RF power transistors that replace those from Motorola, Philips, and SGS Thomson. ASI offers bipolar RF power transistors, enhancement mode FET RF power transistors, and LDMOS FET RF power transistors covering the 1.0 MHz to 4.2 GHz frequency spectrum with output power up to 600 Watts. RF power transistors are available in a variety of hermetic and non-hermetic packages including balanced configurations. Many of our designs for RF power transistors feature internal impedance matching networks for enhanced performance.
To find the desired ASI RF power transistor, click the appropriate application link below, or select a replacement transistor family by prefix from the Transistor Part Number Index on the left. For quick searches, enter a part number or part number prefix in the Part-Finder search box.
Application-Specific RF Power Transistors
Schema Application-Specific RF Power Transistors


12.5 Volt, Class AB Linear

28 Volt, Class AB Linear

50 Volt, Class AB Linear

Class AB Linear, Mosfet


12.5 Volt, Low Band

12.5 & 28 Volt, Mid Band

12.5 Volt, High-Band

28 Volt, High Band

175 MHz, Mosfet


FM Land Mobile

FM Base Station

Cellular Base Station

Military Communications

225 - 400 MHz, Mosfet

Pulsed Avionics

1025 - 1150 MHz, DME/TACAN Applications

1030 - 1090 MHz, IFF Applications

960 - 1215 MHz, JTIDS Applications

Pulsed Radar

400 - 500 MHz, UHF Radar

1200 - 1400 MHz, L-Band

CW Microwave

Common Base, Class C

Common Emitter, Class A Linear

Common Collector, Oscillators


108 MHz FM Broadcast

Television Band III

Television Band IV & V

Package Outline Drawings

Click here for drawings
Television how to Work? Before we know the working principles of the television set, it's good that we know little about the way ordinary objects images we see on the screen. The pictures we see on television is the result of production of a camera

Object images are captured camera lens will be separated according to three basic colors, namely red (R = red), green (B = blue). Results will be emitted by a television transmitter (transmitter). On television transmitter sestem, visual information that we see on the screen at the beginning of change of the object image into electrical signals. Electrical signal will be transmitted by the transmitter to the receiver (receiver) television.
WORKING PRINCIPLE TELEVISIPesawat television will change in the electrical signal received into an object image in accordance with the intact ditranmisikan object. On television in black and white (monochrome), the image will be formed in the production of color images in black and white with gray shadows. In color television sets, all natural colors that have been separated into primary colors R (red), G (green) and B (blue) will be mixed back in the circuit of the color matrix to produce an image signal luminasi.Selain, also brought the sound? Apart pictures, television transmitters also brings in the voice signal with the signal tranmisikan image. Broadcasting telavisi actually sound like the radio system but includes images and sounds. Radiated noise signal by frequency modulation (FM) on a separate wave in one channel transmitter with image signals. Modulated image signal similar to a radio transmitting system which has been known previously. In both cases, the amplitude of a carrier wave radio frequency (RF) is made varies with the voltage signal of pemodulasi.Modulasi is the fundamental frequency (base band). Frequency modulation (FM) used in the voice signal to minimize or avoid the noise (noise) and interference . FM sound signal in a television is essentially the same as in FM radio but not the maximum frequency swing but 75khz Standard 25 khz.Saluran and frequency transmitter in TelevisiKelompok set for a relay station for the signal transmission is called channel (chenel). Each has a 6 mhz channel in one field of frequency (band) is allocated for television broadcasting low-frequency fields komersial.VHF channels 2 to 6 from 54 MHz to 88 high-frequency field MHZ.VHF channel from 7 to 13 to 174 MHZ 216 MHZ.UHF channel 83 from 14 to 470 MHz to 890 MHZ.Sebagai example, channel 3 broadcast at 60 MHz to 66 MHz. RF carrier signal for both picture and sound are included in each channel tersebut.JENIS-TYPE SYSTEM TELEVISISistem television transmitter, as we know them: NTSC (National Television System Committee) PAL (Phases Alternating Line) SECAM (Sequential Couleur a Memorie) PALBNTSC ( National Television System Committee) is used in the United States, PAL systems (Phases Alternating Line) in use in the UK, the system SECAM (Sequential Couleur a Memorie) used in France. Meanwhile, Indonesia itself PALB system. Things that distinguishes these systems is the image format, the distance carrier and the carrier frequency of the sound.

TELEVISIRangkaian PARTS Power Supply (Power Supply) circuit serves to convert AC current into DC and then distributed to the entire series. Power supply circuit is limited by the white line on the PCB and the areas within the red box. Areas within the white lines is a series of inputs that are high-voltage area (live broadcast). Meanwhile, the areas within the red box is the output power supply which then distributes the DC voltage to the entire TV series.

Circuit tuner (tuner) This series consists of the amplifier high frequency (HF amplifier), mixers (mixer), and lokal.Rangkaian tuning oscillator function to receive signals in (TV waves) from the antenna and turn it into a frequency signal IF.

Amplifier IF (Intermediate Frequency) circuit serves as a signal amplifier to 1,000 times. The resulting output signal tuning (tuner) is a weak signal and that depends on the signal transmitter, receiver position, and the landscape landscape. This circuit is also useful to get rid of another wave of unnecessary services and reducing the interference of the carrier wave of disturbing sound image.

VideoRangkaian detector circuit serves as a composite video signal detector is out of the picture IF amplifier. In addition, this circuit also functions as a silencer all the disturbing signal because if there is another signal that will result in poor image quality. One signal that the damping is the voice signal.
Video Rangkaian amplifier circuit serves as a signal amplifier luminan from deteltor video so it can run a screen or CRT (catode ray tube). In the video amplifier circuit is also ABL (automatic brightness level) or a strong regulator of the automatic light function to protect the high voltage circuit of the load voltage due to more powerful light on the screen kaca.Rangkaian AGC (Automatic Gain Control) AGC circuit functions to regulate strengthening input automatically. This circuit will stabilize itself input television signal changing so the output becomes constant.

SinkronisasiRangkaian deflection circuit consists of four blocks, namely the synchronization circuits, vertical deflection circuits, horizontal deflection circuit, and the high voltage generating circuit.

AudioSuara series we hear is the work of this series, the sound IF carrier signal is detected by the frequency modulator (FM). Previously, this signal is separated from the picture carrier signal.

TYPES OF SCREEN TELEVISITipe Screen CRT TV (catode ray tube) In this type of television screen looks more convex than other types. Technology CRT tube television with the oldest and most belong to the present continue to be used and developed. Despite new technologies emerge. CRT tube only contains a cathode ray tube (cathode-ray tube) are for comparison, the plasma consists of one million fluorescent tubes are so small.

Television Display Type PlasmaDalam principle, plasma screen consists of two sheets of glass. In between is filled thousands of cells, which contain hundreds of xenon and neon gas. Two types of long electrodes, address display electrode and a transparent electrode, stretched between the glass plates. When turned on the plasma screen, electrodes that intersect at the cell's electrical charge given by the computer screen to ionize the gas in the cell. This took place thousands of times in a split second. An electric current was passed gas in the cell and generate the flow of electrically charged particles that quickly, which stimulates the gas atoms release ultraviolet photons.

Ultraviolet photons interact with fosforKemudian, ultraviolet photons interact with phosphor which eventually release energy in the form of a clear-ray photons. Each pixel consists of three cells that separate sub-pixels, each with a different phosphor color, ie: red, green, blue colors will mix to produce uniform strength pixel.Untuk electric current flowing through the different cells, the control system will increase or reduce the intensity of each sub-pixel color. This is to generate hundreds of combinations of red, green, and blue are different. In this way, the control system can produce colors in a broad spectrum, there are approximately 16.77 million colors can produce a plasma screen. This is what makes plasma display very sharp images and clear.

Transistor Power RF

gambar gambar Transistor Power RF spesifikasi, power, design of this.puc d1555, rangkaian elektronika

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