Rangkaian amplier PH untuk elektroda PH

If you really want to make a Ph sensor,is is a link where I found a way to make it: http://users.bigpond.net.au/eagle33/elect/ph-cct.htm
Actually if u read from the link above pH sensor is built with a combined pH electrode with differential amplifiers ...
can I know what's best for ph electrode? plz anyone can give me the model ph electrodes are available in the market today.
Now with Automatic touch screen BOD
Our new research grade DO 5000 dissolved oxygen meter
provides the same accuracy, reliability and intuitive operation
you’ve come to expect from CyberScan products.
This meter is ideal for a variety of wastewater tests including
automated BOD, OUR and SOUR* tests. Input the required
data such as sample description, ID number, predilution ratio,
bottle volume, and other information, the meter automatically
runs the standard 5-day incubation BOD test for you! The DO
5000 meter allows you to record all measurements in its
memory, or to a printer or computer with CyberComm5000
data acquisition software.
Includes a self stirring BOD probe (approved by USA EPA) that
keeps your sample agitated and your measurements
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