Step By Step Making Crossover Cable

How to make Step By Step Making Crossover Cable,
What you need to make Crossover Cable
Cable - Be sure the cable(s) you are using is properly rated for CAT 5. It should state clearly on the jacket of the cable, what it is rated at. One option that you have when selecting your cable is to use a pre-made normal 'straight through' cable, and simply whack off one of the ends, and replace with a new "Crossed Over" end. For the purpose of this article, though, we aren't going to go that route. We are going to make the whole thing from scratch - using bulk CAT 5 cable.

Ethernet Crossover Cable

An Ethernet crossover cable is a kind of Ethernet cable utilised to connect computing products collectively directly wherever they would normally be connected through a network switch, hub or router, such as straight connecting two personal computers by means of their network interface controllers.
Owing for the inclusion of automated MDI/MDI-X configuration ability in many modern Ethernet machines, use of crossover cables is typically only necessary in older network installations.
Ethernet Cable Pinout .CAT-5 Ethernet Cable Standards & Pin-out Assignments
Industry Standard CAT-5 Pin-out Assignment
Trango Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Pin-out Assignment
Trango Cable: CBLDAT-1 Pin-out Assignment
How to Wire Your Own Cables
Industry Standard CAT-5 Pin-out
The images below depict the cable pin-outs for straight-through and cross-over Cat-5 Ethernet cables that conform to EIA/TIA industry standard for 568 A and B. IF the first and second pin are orange, the cable is 568B. If the first and second pins are green, the cable is 568A. If one end of the cable is A and the other end is B then you now have a cross-over.
Gigabit LAN Expectations, It requires Two to Tangle,Do 1-Gbit/s variations of 100Base-T and 100VG suggest double difficulty for net professionals?Chalk it approximately dèjà vu all over once again. In 1993, once the IEEE could not make the get in touch with on the single 100-Mbit/s LAN transport, it "decided" on two: 100Base-T and 100VG-AnyLAN. Now the expectations physique seems to think that taking part in doubles can be a wise bet: It's preparing to outline 1-Gbit/s variations of equally high-speed LAN specs.Gigabit LANs at a Glance
Switched Ethernet relies on centralized multiport Switches to supply physical website link among multiple LAN segments. Inside each and every intelligent S" high-speed circuitry supports wire-speed virtual connections among every one of the segments, for greatest bandwidth allocation on need
In a very star Ethernet Topologies, all connected workstations are wired immediately to a central hub, which establishes, maintains, and breaks connections between them (from the celebration of an error). The advantage of the star topology is that it truly is simple to isolate a problem node. The drawback is that in the event the hub fails, the complete system is compromised.

Ethernet may be the most widely utilised network topology. It is possible to pick between bus and star topologies, and coaxial, twisted-pair, or fiber optic cabling. But together with the proper connective gear, numerous Ethernet-based LANs (nearby place networks) might be connected together regardless of which topology and/or cabling system they use. Actually, using the correct equipment and application, even Token Ring, Apple Speak, and wireless LANs might be linked to Ethernet Standards.Ethernet Topologies Gigabit LAN Standards

Ethernet Cable Wiring

Have you ever known about Ethernet Cable Wiring actually? he primary Ethernet cable wiring normal may be the Cat-5, or Class five, regular. The original Ethernet cable, acquainted to any person who has invested any period of time fiddling close to with computernetworks, is really a cable that ends inside a dock that seems to be somewhat fatter than an ordinary phone jack, and quickly inserts into network adapters on other machines. Ethernet cable wiring is actually a ubiquitous marketplace regular, and is made of 4 pairs of wires of diverse shades twisted about their twin cables and insulated from each other.

Metro Ethernet Definition could be the use of Carrier Ethernet engineering in metropolitan location networks (MANs). Since it is typically a collective endeavor with several financial contributors, Metro Ethernet offers cost-effectiveness, reliability, scalability and bandwidth management superior to most proprietary networks.
Metro Ethernet Definition can connect enterprise local location networks (LAN
Metro Ethernet Map

Metro Ethernet Comparison
The Definition of PoE or Power Over Ethernet Technology, Energy more than Ethernet or PoE technologies describes a method to pass electrical power safely, in addition to data, on Ethernet cabling. The IEEE common for PoE requires class five cable or increased for large power levels, but can operate with group 3 cable for lower electrical power amounts.  Power is supplied in widespread mode about two or more with the differential pairs of wires found in the Ethernet cables and comes from a energy provide in a PoE-enabled networking system these kinds of as an Ethernet switch or can be injected into a cable operate having a midspan strength supply.
Wireless over Power Over Ethernet from wiki
This video will explain you how to place infrared touch frame into a 40 inch sony LCD TV, the modificator, choose the sony lcd tv becouse the thin and suitable for iframe infrared touch. 
Multitouch LCD TV - Infrared Touch Frame

This video shows an Infrared Touch Frame placed onto a 40" LCD TV. A basic overview is given, and some demo applications are tested. The touch frame, in sizes ranging from 24-200"

Do you seek about ethernet splitter cable ? If you spend some time seeking around on the net you could see that individuals make the bogus assumption that a cable splitter is a thing they could use to divide an online connection with. It really is easy to see why they could come to this belief, since the identify implies that you simply can split some thing ethernet centered, so why couldn’t you just split your net connection in between 2 computers? But the reality is they don’t split your web connection. Examine further to find out what a splitter is very best suited and just how they really should be setup and used.

Ethernet Network Switch Diagram, This diagram illustrates use of an Ethernet hub or switch on the property network. See beneath for the comprehensive description of this layout.
Wired House Network Diagram Featuring Ethernet Hub or Change
Essential Considerations - Ethernet hubs and switches allow many wired computer systems to network with one another. Most (but not all) Ethernet hubs and switches support up to four connections.

How to Make IMMOBILIZER for Car

Making immobilizer OWN FOR Avanza / Xenia
After studying the wiring diagram of the car Avanza / Xenia, I saw the car can be paired Immobilizer homemade. With the capital only a good quality switch (hold at least 10Ampere) and cable (3mm diameter).
How it Works:
Immobilizer works by electrical decided to Fuel Pump (gas station). So the engine can not burn because there is no gasoline channeled to the engine.What is immobilizer 

Audio Light Modulator diagram

Audio Light Modulator diagram

Audio light modulations add to the enjoyment of music in the course of functions organised at property or outdoors. Presented here is one such easy circuit in which light is modulated using a little fraction of the audio output from the speaker terminals of the audio amplifier. The output from the speaker terminals of audio amplifier is connected to a transformer (output transformer utilised in transistor radios) via a non-polarised capacitor. The use of transformer is vital for isolating the audio source from the circuit inside the sensitivity control potentiometer VR1 supplied within the input to transistor T1 might be adjusted to guarantee that conduction takes location only after the AF exceeds specific amplitude. This control has to be adjusted as per audio source level. The audio signal Proper earthing of the circuit is fairly crucial. The diode bridge provides pulsating DC output and acts as a guard circuit between the mains input and pulsating DC output. Extreme care is essential to stay away from any electric shock
Running Message Display circuit diagram

Light emitting diodes are advan- tageous due to their smaller size, low present consumption and catchy colours they emit. Here is really a running message display circuit wherein the letters formed by LED arrangement light up progressively. As soon as all the letters of the message have been lit up, the circuit gets reset. The circuit is built around Johnson decade counter CD4017BC (IC2). Among the IC CD4017BE’s features is its provision of ten fully decoded outputs, creating the IC ideal for use in a whole range of sequencing operations. In the circuit only one of the outputs remains high as well as the other outputs switch to high state successively on the arrival of each and every clock pulse. The timer NE555 (IC1) is wired as a 1Hz astable multivibrator which clocks the IC2 for sequencing operations. On reset, output pin three goes high and drives transistor T7 to ‘on’ state. The output of transistor T7 is connected to letter ‘W’ of the LED word array (all LEDs of letter array are connected in parallel) and therefore letter ‘W’ is illuminated. On arrival of initial clock pulse, pin three goes low and pin 2 goes high. Transistor T6 conducts and letter ‘E’ lights up. The preceding letter ‘W’ also remains lighted because of forward biasing of transistor T7 via diode D21. In a similar fashion, on the arrival of every successive pulse, the other letters of the display are also illuminated and lastly the total word becomes visible. On the following clock pulse, pin 6 goes to logic 1 and resets the circuit, along with the sequence repeats itself. The frequency of sequencing operations is controlled with the assist of potmeter VR1.
Flashy Christmas Lights

This simple and affordable circuit built about a well-liked CMOS hex inverter IC CD4069UB gives four sequential switching outputs that might be utilized to control 200 LEDs (50 LEDs per channel), driven directly from mains supply. Input supply of 230V AC is rectified by the bridge rectifiers D1 to D4. Soon after fullwave rectification, the average output voltage of about 6 volts is obtained across the filter comprising capacitor C1 and resistor R5. This supply energises IC CD4069UB. Flashy Christmas Lights
All gates (N1-N6) of the inverter have been utilised here. Gates N1 to N4 have been utilised to control four high voltage transistors T1 to T4 (2N3440 or 2N3439) which in turn drive four channels of 50 LEDs each and every via present limiting resistors of 10-kilo-o Base drive of transistors might be adjusted with the aid of 10-kilo-ohm pots supplied in their paths. Remaining two gates (N5 and N6) form a low frequency oscillator. The frequency of this oscillator could be changed by way of pot VR1. When pot VR1 is adjusted To get the top outcomes, a low leakage, very good high quality capacitor should be utilized for the timing capacitor C2
Optical toggle change utilizing an individual Chip

Making use of dual flip-flop IC CD4027 utilize a 555 centered monostable circuit to provide input clock pulses. The circuit explained here obviates this requirement. One of the two flip-flops inside of IC CD4027 alone acts as square wave shaper
Automated Dual output Display .This circuit lights up ten bulbs sequentially, 1st in one direc- tion and then within the opposite direction, thus presenting a nice visual impact. In this circuit, gates N1 and N2 form an oscillator. The output of this oscillator is employed as a clock for BCD up/down counter CD4510 (IC2). Depending on the logic state at its pin 10, the counter counts up or down. In the course of count up operation, pin 7 of IC2 outputs an active low pulse on reaching the ninth count. Similarly, during count-down operation, you again get a low-going pulse at pin 7. This terminal count output from pin 7, soon after inversion by gate N3, is connected to clock pin 14 of decade counter IC3 (CD4017) Automated Dual output Display . which is configured here as a toggle flip-flop by returning its Q2 output at pin 4 to reset pin 15. Thus output at pin 3 of IC3 goes to logic 1 and logic 0 state alternately at each and every terminal count of IC2. Initially, pin three (Q0) of IC3 is high as well as the counter is in count-up state. On reaching ninth count, pin three of IC3 goes low and as a result IC2 starts counting down. When the counter reaches 0 count, Q2 output of IC3 momentarily goes high to reset it, thus taking pin three to logic 1 state, as well as the cycle repeats. The BCD output of IC2 is connected to 1-of-10 decoder CD4028 (IC4). In the course of count-up operation of IC2, the outputs of IC4 go logic high sequentially from Q0 to Q9 and therefore trigger the triacs and lighting bulbs 1 through 10, 1 soon after the other. Thereafter, during count-down operation of IC2, the bulbs light within the reverse order, presenting a wonderful visual effect
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is a method of controlling the power used in most electronic devices, for example on the PC Power Supply, UPS or power supply2 on other electronic devices. not only used to control power, the PWM can also be used to regulate electronic devices such as servo motors.
As the name Pulse Width Modulation or Indonesian language Pulse width modulation is a form of voltage signal is changed change the pulse width to be drawn more details can be seen below.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

In the picture above shows there are five kinds of fruit with 5 PWM Duty Cycle value 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Duty Cycle is a parameter that indicates the ratio of the PWM signal is logic 1 (5 volts) and the signal logic 0 (0 volts), for example:

PWM Duty Cycle 25% with a period of say 100ms will mean a logic 1 on the PWM signal is 25% of the total signal period or 25% of 100ms = 25ms, while for the signal to the PWM logic 0 is the remainder or 75 ms.

The use of PWM in power control is more efficient when compared with the conventional method of controlling power (resistive circuit), since no power is wasted into heat.

PWM can be generated in several ways one of them is with a Microcontroller and use Timer IC 555.

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INFO SKEMA POWER SUPPLY TRAFO CT,Power supply or adapter is a device that can convert AC voltage into DC. This tool can be regarded as the primary need for electronic lovers. Adapter components are:
Transformers (Transformers)
Elco (Electrolyte Condensator)
ac jack
LED (optional)
resistor (option)
Pinch crocodile (optional)
chasing (optional)
Transformer or transformer serves to convert high voltage AC voltage into low voltage AC voltage according to the value stated on the transformer output. Transformer is divided into 2 treafo CT and not CT. These transformers are quite expensive depending on the size of current (amperes), the greater the flow of the more expensive price.
Skema Adaptor Dengan Trafo Ct,To test the Stax "earspeakers" I want to set up a transformer based adapter.

(A basic "work notworks" test, while waiting to build or buy a dedicated amp.)

Did I understand correctly, that this adapter is made of center-tapped step-up tranformers, where the center tap is biased, as the diaphragm, to an appropriate voltage (580V for Pro, 230V for the Normal)?Skema Adaptor Dengan Trafo Ct,

If this is the case, here is my second question(s):

Can this be done with "normal" center-tapped output transformers?
I have two smallish transformers from an old ECL82 amplifier, that have say "3.5" on one side and 5000 Ohm" on the other sidez (this oen being center-tapped).
Can I expect these to withstand the bias voltage?

Could this be done with "100V line transformers" from a 100W PA amplifier?
I have two of these, and it seems like the taps are symmetric (I'll test more accurately) and function as step-ups.
These look "bulky" to me (2Kg weight and thick conductors) but again, would they stand 580V?

Thanks for any help.
I would normally "just try it and see what happens".
But in this case, even if I can keep the bias voltage low, it needs to be high enough to discourage such an approach; not ready to sacrifice those trafos, let alone the Stax-es...

Converter VGA to BNC Adapter

adapter BNC to VGA Converter

BNC to VGA converters, it is also known as BNC to VGA adapters and BNC to VGA connectors, this tool usually used by CCTV surveillance system installers when an inexpensive solution is needed to connect a computer monitor to a surveillance DVR and the surveillance DVR only has BNC video outputs. BNC to VGA Converter
Monitors with BNC inputs are specialized security products that usually are much more expensive and not as readily available as a VGA input computer monitor. In order to address this issue, CCTV Camera Pros began manufacturing BNC to VGA converters so that CCTV installers can connect a video device BNC output to a computer monitor with standard VGA (D-Sub) video input. Our converter product is the highest quality on market. We guarantee it.Converter VGA to BNC Adapter
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