Controlled Mass Production of Nanowires

Controlled Mass Production of Nanowires
Reliable manufacturing of nanowires for large-scale, integrated devices (lab-on-a-chip, for example) requires that these structures can be grown at desired locations over a large area. Kris Bertness and colleagues at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have grown Gallium Nitride nanowires on silicon substrates at controlled locations with essentially perfect selectivity.
Blue-green diode lasers New Evolution
High power edge emitting diode lasers are the most efficient coherent light sources available. They feature small physical size combined with high reliability. Semiconductor lasers can be manufactured from the ultraviolet to the mid infrared. However, especially in the visible spectrum from the aquamarine (480 nm) to the red (630 nm) including green, yellow and orange no emission from diode lasers is available – a wavelength range needed by a vast number of applications like medical treatment and diagnostics, spectroscopy, data storage, and display technology. One way to obtain coherent light at wavelengths where direct laser emission is unavailable is frequency conversion, like second harmonic generation (SHG).
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