Ethernet Topologies

In a very star Ethernet Topologies, all connected workstations are wired immediately to a central hub, which establishes, maintains, and breaks connections between them (from the celebration of an error). The advantage of the star topology is that it truly is simple to isolate a problem node. The drawback is that in the event the hub fails, the complete system is compromised.

Twisted-Pair Ethernet Topologies(10BASE-T), determined by unshielded twisted pair, and Fiberoptic Ethernet (FOIRL and 10BASE-FL), based on fiberoptic cable, utilize the star.

Fast, reliable throughput speed of 10&100Mbps.
Accurate transmission-CSMA/CD access method.
More LAN components match Ethernet standards than any other.
Maximum flexibility-two topologies (bus or star) and five kinds of cable (Standard
or Thin coax; unshielded twisted pair; FOIRL or 10BASE-FL fiberoptic).
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