How to Make IMMOBILIZER for Car

Making immobilizer OWN FOR Avanza / Xenia
After studying the wiring diagram of the car Avanza / Xenia, I saw the car can be paired Immobilizer homemade. With the capital only a good quality switch (hold at least 10Ampere) and cable (3mm diameter).
How it Works:
Immobilizer works by electrical decided to Fuel Pump (gas station). So the engine can not burn because there is no gasoline channeled to the engine.What is immobilizer 

Because the machine can distarter, as if the car is not equipped with immobilizer function and seem normal, but until the batteries run out too, the engine will not turn on.
Immobilizer is switched on or off using the switch hidden place. Please select a location that is most felt safe but not difficult to achieve when you want to use.
The figure below is a diagram electrification relating to Fuel Pump.
Seen that the fuel pump relay function in control by the ECU. In order not to interfere with the working system of the ECU, then the termination point to the fuel pump relay is positioned in the output, namely the cable that will go directly to the fuel pump.
The cable wires to the fuel pump is colored red with a thickness of about 2mm at PIN # 13 on the socket IF1.
The location is behind a plastic panel near the gas pedal.
To open the plastic panels, it takes a big minus screwdriver, and a small screwdriver to stab the clip.
Opening a small clip is done by piercing the center of the clip up slightly depressed into the (not too hard / deep stab him).
Most likely the plastic at the bottom of the door will also be lifted when you remove the plastic panel.
Socket IF1 look like the picture above.
The composition of his feet like this
Find the RED colored wires with a thickness of 2mm on IF1 socket (the pin # 13).
Prepare switch + cable (minimum diameter of 2mm).
Choose a good quality switch, which is able to work until at least 10Ampere. Switch that is not good to make trouble in the future, because all of a sudden the engine will be turned off when the car is being used, only the result of a bad switch connections so that the fuel pump without electricity.
After the switch and cable ready, disconnect the red wire and connect it to the circuit before the switch was wired. Sambunglah best cable and serapih possible so as not easily be separated. Wrap well and neatly, as if wiring the car was never touched at all.
Please search for where to place the immobilizer switch in secret yet easy to reach (not trouble yourself).
Install and rapihkan back plastic panel that had been opened.
Looking at the above installation process, a distinct advantage for Avanza / Xenia, because the thief enough to bother, do not think the car is equipped with immobilizer and if they (thieves) already know these tips, remain troublesome if have to disassemble the plastic panel.
So my advice, if possible select RED wire cutting position earlier in the hidden part. Wrap neatly.
Well, after installing the immobilizer, activate each time a car park anywhere that it is less secure. We've been trying to curb acts of theft, but the rest we pray to God to always be protected from the bad guys.
CONCLUSION:Immobilizer is made as if our cars ran out of gas, so the engine can not live even though distarter to accu Soak, even in push-push.
Hopefully helpful!.
Thanks to:Fellow AXIC (Avanza Xenia Indonesia Club)
Andi AXIC for his car loan.AGREEMENT: not responsible for the cancellation of warranty and other problems associated with these tips. Risk borne by itself, if not able to do so please ask for help fellow / mechanic / repair shop that can do that by bringing the Print-Out of these tips to their reading and doing.
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