This is not a tutorial or article step by step to do so, just popping fun ideas fit again pups (read boker), hehe well not strange fit most dapet idea again when solemn itutuh. Jump aja deh written, rather than forgotten or are no friends elektronya more qualified science, so please dipraktekin own, well this point basbang banget dah.

2 Fruit nimpuk Mobile Jadul for dogs (Nukie or Si'Emen).
1 Fruit Relay
1 Fruit SIM card for the Host, which is not no death aka not expired, so far the U.S. Sympathy.
1 Fruit SIM card for the caller.
The cables and some workshop tools and electronics such as solder or a screwdriver.
Plot Ideas

Relay in the jumpers between Busi and engine or vehicle device is revoked immediately die. Make Relay as a bridge between the two.
Relay connected to the Mobile, sacrifice Dinamo Vibrator (ce'ilee vibrator) on mobile phones to activate the relay.
Mobile Host attached to a vehicle. Flow of ideas concerned with the number 2. Do not be conspicuous, be in the seat.

While the motor ignited in a position where (depending on the operator), motor / car can be instantly turned off by his host miscall numbers, because if the mobile host receives an automatic call vibrator dynamo who was directly linked to directly relay relay switch relay and immediately decided to plug the flow of engine, or spark plugs nyopotin rough language.
Miscall once again to start the vehicle (not to be confused tuh thieves).
When the motor running again and as he passed the police station, turn the motor back tuh me miscall Mobile Host, the new telephone deh and say the police officer who stops a motor at their post with number plates Blah blah blah is your motorcycle.
Well just an idea really, but there kalo cost and time allows so wanted nyoba, I hope none of you who want to nyoba-nyoba. Please try, sorry to reply just simply nonsense.

NB: Damage to the Mobile or any equipment / vehicle / yourself and others that are used as a test, outside the responsibility of the author.

I hope nobody who read the conspiracy Curanmor this blog .
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