Kenwood TS-520S/SE schema

For the S line, KWM-2 and KWS-1. Plug and play for the S line and easy install for the other radios.

Also available for Kenwood TS-520S/SE, Drake C line and several Hammarlund receivers.

Displays frequency with 10Hz resolution and displays operating mode (LSB, USB, AM and CW if you have the CW crystal installed in your radio).

Fully automatic. It measures the crystal osc. the PTO and the BFO and computes the carrier frequency.

Since it measures all the oscillators it takes into account any errors in the crystals in your radio.

Update rate of 5 times per second tracks real time while you tune.

Digital filtering to eliminate bouncing digits due to digital round off.

ie: does NOT bounce back and forth between 999 and 1000.
Kenwood TS-520S/SE schema

Kenwood TS-520S/SE schema

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