Skema Elektro Lampu Emergency

The circuit Skema Elektro Lampu Emergency scheme is often called the light of this cas I've tried and this circuit can operate for eight hours depending on the batteries that we use but more effective if we use the dry batteries but the price is quite expensive and use the relay as an automatic switch so we do not have to bother because the circuit will automatically go on when the lights went out and and where electric lights, the circuit will automatically initiate the charge and the circuit is very suitable for the tasks of school if it is less obvious

what we need is • TRAFO = 5A CT /1
=BC 548 A/1
=BD 140/1
=L7812 CV/1
= 10 KΩ/1
=82 KΩ/1
=1M Ω/1
=8K2 Ω/2
=3K9 Ω/1
=100 Ω/1
=4K7 Ω/1
• DIODA =MDA 2500/2
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