Rangkaian Penguat Inverting

There are two types of amplifier circuit that we often hear that the amplifier inverting (flipping) and Non-inverting (no reverse). For the circuit above is the type of inverting amplifier circuit. The above amplifier circuit using the IC which is often used and easy to find the op-amp IC LM741. To more easily understand the working principle of this amplifier circuit is deliberately examplize circuit is quite simple. Because by being able to understand the working principle of this circuit you will be able to easily understand the development of a series of Op-Amp rangakaian this as ADC (Analog to Digital Converter), DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), summing (sum) and others.

In the circuit on the input signals to be strengthened is one volt AC signal with a frequency of 1 Hz. The amount of amplified gain is divided by the input resistance of strengthening prisoners-R5 / R4 = -30/10 = -3. To determine the voltage gain of the output is x Vin = -3 x 1 volt = -3 volts. The minus sign shows the opposite phase with the input signal. This means that if the input signal is positive, the output signal will negatiif and if the input signal the output signal is negative then positive. For details try to notice the picture above input and output signals. The input signal is red and blue output signals. Vertical lines indicate the voltage and the horizontal line indicates the time. Signal input voltage 1 volt at the position (Vpuncak = 1V2 volts) and the output voltage is 3 volts (Vpuncak = 3V2 volts) are consistent with the strengthening of which is 3 times larger than the input signal.
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