Skema Rangkaian Adaptor

Fig circuit above can be applied to create an adapter or power suplly with the output voltage (V DC 12V output). Power supply above will only be protected by a capacitor as a safety when the power supply is connected with the burden on the circuit. Therefore recommended to use 35V capacitor with a minimum specification. To power the power supply more security we can menggunakkan TIP transistors, but I have yet to discuss it. For the diode bridge can be collated from four diodes then you solder into a bridge rectifier or you can buy a comb-shaped bridge rectifier (sideways) or the box. At least I would suggest using the diode bridge 1 Ampere, in a series adapter, the bigger the better way ampere diode currents in the circuit. Diodes like highways, and flow as the car passed. The larger and the width of existing highways, the faster the flow of runs and through the circuit.

For the 5 V power supply circuit, you can replace the above-volt regulator with the type 7805 and 7905. This application applies equally in this circuit. For variations, such as fuse or circuit switch on / off you can try yourself.
Skema Rangkaian Adaptor
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