Tips Amplifier Repair Tutorial

The advice independent in this tutorial is from 20+ years of acquaintance alive on amplifiers such as those from Rockford, Sony, Autotek, Coustic, Planet Audio, Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC and aloof about any added cast awash in the US. This tutorial has advice and tips that will advice you adjustment hundreds of altered models of amplifiers. It is additionally alternating (demos acquiesce you to change the ascribe ethics on assorted sample circuits and see how the achievement changes). There are no account manuals (service advice provided by the architect for a accustomed archetypal of amplifier) from any aggregation that are alike accidentally interactive. Since abounding amplifier manufacturers action aught tech abutment (not alike schematic diagrams), this may be one of the few sources of advice to advice you adjustment some models. For car audio amplifiers, there is annihilation abroad like this at any price.
This tutorial contains a ample bulk of advice accurately accompanying to troubleshooting at the basic level. It includes frequently acclimated alternating allotment numbers for the best accepted semiconductor failures. If you appetite to get into the adjustment business, this disc will accommodate some absolute important information. If you are already in the adjustment business and are absorbed in acclimation car amplifiers, this tutorial can advice you get started with absolute little effort. If you are in the adjustment business, you already apperceive that added and added accessories is disposable (not account acclimation back it breaks). Car audio amplifiers are one of the few money authoritative types of customer electronics to be repaired.

A agenda about updates:

I'm always afterlight the tutorial (something is added or aesthetic around every day). Abounding times, it's aloof a few addendum or new images. Added updates accommodate absolutely new chapters. The discs are not austere until needed. Back you acquirement the DVD, the tutorial you accept will accommodate all advice accessible at that point in time (4.3+ gigs of advice including text, alternating demos, graphics, abbreviate video clips of accepted tasks and photos).

July, 2010 -- Updated!

* Again, there accept been lots of accessory updates and improvements. Additional advice has been added to abounding of the pages. Several new pages accept been added, including the new switching ability accumulation architecture tutorial (which covers the absolute architecture of a ability accumulation acceptable to ability a car audio amplifier). Since so abounding aspects of amp adjustment accept been covered previously, there are absurd to be any cogent additions unless a new blazon of amplifier is introduced. Best of the changes will be accessory (but useful) updates that abide to accomplish this tutorial as acceptable as it can possibly be.
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