Schema 5 Zone Alarm Circuit

this is schema 5 Zone Alarm Circuit,Each area uses a commonly bankrupt contact. These can be micro switches or accepted anxiety contacts (usually reed switches). Area 1 is a timed area which allegation be acclimated as the access and avenue point of the building. Zones 2 - 5 are actual zones, which will activate the anxiety with no delay. Some RF amnesty is provided for continued base runs by the ascribe capacitors, C1-C5. C7 and R14 additionally anatomy a brief suppresser.
The key about-face acts as the Set/Unset and Reset switch. For acceptable aegis this should be the metal blazon with a key. At about-face on, C6 will allegation via R11, this acts as the avenue adjournment and is set to about 30 seconds. This can be adapted by capricious either C6 or R11.
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