Amplifier repair troublesooter

* There accept been abounding updates back September. Here are a few of the added important ones.

* I've added a folio to advice troubleshooting the chic D amps agnate to the Massive 1500 and 3000 that are so popular. The advice includes waveforms and instructions to analysis the ambit with and after the achievement transistors in the circuit. This can be actual accessible if you accept an amplifier that's cartoon boundless current.Amplifier repair troublesooter
* A new folio has been added that shows how to accomplish an bargain heater/pre-heater that can accomplish removing SMD electrolytic capacitors abundant easier and abate the adventitious of damaging the adhesive pads. This is abnormally accessible back alive on boards with a aerial body of components. This folio additionally introduces you to application adhesive paste.

* Added advice has been added for the chic D amps with the numbers machined off or encapsulated in adhesive (including advice on how to cautiously abolish the adhesive to acquiesce backup of the ICs beneath it).

* Added advice has been added to appearance you how to adjustment abominably damaged boards. It includes advice on the best blazon of fillers to adjustment holes (when necessary).

* A area has been added for rewinding transformers. Abounding times, the ability agent will abbreviate and the windings will be burned. Sometimes it's as simple as removing the old wire and re-winding it. Sometimes the amount is damaged and isn't usable. I've provided sources for both the allurement wire and the cores and suggestions for the blazon of amount actual you'll charge to select.

* Added advice on aegis ambit troubleshooting has been added. This seems to be one of the best difficult types of problems for new techs.

* Abounding times, an amp will accept baptize accident that will account accident that's about absurd to see. To accomplish it worse, the architect of the amps that best frequently accept this botheration will accommodate actually no tech support. A area has been added to acquaint you what to attending for. The signs of accident are actual difficult to see until you apperceive absolutely what to attending for.

* Abounding amps accept terminal blocks that can't be readily soldered. I activate a band-aid and appearance how to accomplish the blocks solderable. This is acceptable a bigger botheration as these types of terminal blocks age and the adhesive access activate to fail.

* Added than 800 files accept been adapted back September. Abounding of the cartoon files were replaced with bigger ones or bankrupt up. Virtually all of the argument based pages in the adjustment area accept had some advice added or accept had sections re-written to accomplish them better.

September, 2008 -- Updated!

* I've added added genitalia suppliers and added assets to acquisition parts. This helps save time back attractive for backup parts.

* I've added to the account of Tech Tips including a area on rewinding bootless ability transformers. It includes sources for the wire and cores. If you accept to rewind or alter a agent in an amplifier this will accomplish the assignment abundant easier.

* I've broadcast the folio committed to terminal blocks. Best bodies don't anticipate about the terminal blocks back acclimation an amplifier. Abounding times, the blocks are damaged so abominably that they're not usable. Best are not accessible from the manufacturer. If you adjustment an amp with damaged terminal blocks (something that's not consistently obvious) and you don't accept the ability to adjustment the blocks, you've ashen your time acclimation the cyberbanking faults in the amplifier. Of course, I've added new amps with the spiral sizes. Some of the added improvements are bigger cartoon and added abundant advice about accepting backup screws.

* I've broadcast the area that shows you how to aftermath reliable aliment on abominably damaged ambit boards. If you assignment on old academy amplifiers, this advice can advice you accomplish aliment that will be actual reliable.

* To accomplish troubleshooting easier, added advice assuming the voltages on the pins of assorted ICs accept been added. This allows you to affirm that the voltages in the amps are as they should be. This is article that will consistently broadcast in the future.

* Even added advice has been added for chic D amplifiers. As always, I try to accumulate the advice as up to date as possible. This advice pertains to abounding of the amplifiers that use the audio disciplinarian boards with the defaced disciplinarian ICs.

* Back March, added than 100 pages accept been adapted in some way. Added than 300 cartoon files accept been added, replaced or bigger in some way.
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