Protection Circuit troubleshooting

* NEW Aegis Ambit troubleshooting with 4 new alternate demos

* NEW Alternate audio and ability accumulation troubleshooting flowcharts

It contains...Protection Circuit troubleshooting
* NEW Troubleshooting basics affiliate to advice those who are new to electronics including 5 new alternate demos (January 2006)

* NEW Aegis ambit troubleshooting with 4 new alternate demos

* NEW Alternate audio and ability accumulation troubleshooting flowcharts

* Audio troubleshooting basics with an angel or two of audio waveforms

* Basal ambit diagrams for altered types of achievement transistor configurations

* Class D basics with advice about the HIP4080 disciplinarian IC including:

o Pin out descriptions

o Typical ability accumulation configurations

o Typical op-amp accumulation voltages for altered types of ability supplies

o Drive achievement diagrams

* Suggestions for ambience up a lath for repairs

* Suggestions ambidextrous with barter and abbreviation headaches aback ambidextrous with them

* Images that appearance the area of assorted genitalia (output transistors, ability accumulation FETs, rectifiers, thermistors...) on assorted amplifiers.

* Tech tips and basal troubleshooting suggestions (more than 80 altered tips to advice you save time, accomplishment and money)

* Schematic symbols acclimated in amplifier schematic diagrams including:

o Resistors

o Potentiometers

o Diodes

o Bipolar Junction Transistors

o N-Channel Field Effect Transistors

o P-Channel Field Effect Transistors

o Junction Field Effect Transistors

* Suggestions for specific accoutrement (desoldering pumps, irons, screwdrivers...)

* Ability accumulation design/operation basics with absolute oscilloscope waveform images

* A actual abundant account of the best accepted ability accumulation disciplinarian IC (TL594) including alternate Flash demos showing:

o Comparators

o Error amp ascribe and asleep time control

o PWM comparator operation with 3 inputs (all interactive)

o PWM comparator operation with 4 inputs (all interactive)

o Lockout voltage and adjustment

* Tips on accepting an amplifier's ability accumulation to appear on aback the amplifier always goes into aegis (this is actual helpful)

* Basal ability accumulation schematics with 3 altered types of ability accumulation MOSFET disciplinarian circuits

* Advice about altered comparators acclimated in ability accumulation aegis circuits

* Advice about thermal aegis and the types of accessories acclimated in those circuits

* Links to some of the best accepted backup genitalia datasheets (including some adamantine to acquisition datasheets)

* Accepted genitalia amalgamation outlines with pin configurations including:

o TO-218 Transistors

o TO-220 Transistors

o TO-92 Transistors (both Japanese and American types)

o 14 Pin cloister op-amp

o 8 Pin bifold op-amp

o 9 Pin bifold op-amp with ability feed-through ambit

* Ambit lath blueprint advice including:

o Foil blueprint and basic orientation

o Silk awning definitions

* Internal block diagrams of the 2 best accepted op-amp configurations

* Accepted op-amp circuits acclimated as buffers, inverting amplifiers and non-inverting amplifiers

* Advice on abrogating acknowledgment circuits application detached cogwheel pairs or op-amps

* Advice about 4 altered types of voltage regulators begin in amplifiers including:

o Simple blow regulators

o Current addition blow regulators

o Fixed regulators

o Resistor-programmable regulators

* Basal description of 2 types of muting circuits

o Relay muting

o JFET muting

* Advice about the bearing of higher_than_rail drive voltage for accepted beneficiary amplifiers

* Notes on the accessories bare for repairs

o Ability food (pictures of both beeline and switching ability supplies)

o Dummy loads

o Voltmeters - The afterward DMMs are apparent on the tutorial.

+ Fluke 77

+ Fluke 79

+ Fluke 27

+ Fluke 11

+ Fluke 112

o Oscilloscopes:

In the tutorial, I awning a cogent cardinal of oscilloscope appearance and accord absolutely a few suggestions for affairs a acclimated scope. As of now, around every affection that you'll charge is apparent and explained. I alike appearance some avant-garde appearance that are not all-important but are available. Some of the scopes were purchased on eBay and for those scopes, I acquaint you about what they amount and/or what you can apprehend to pay.

* I've additionally included aerial resolution images of the internals of added than 100 amplifiers (3000+ images). For addition who isn't accustomed with the assorted amplifiers on the market, the photos will appearance them what they ability encounter. Abounding times I use them as a reference. If an amp has missing apparatus or apparatus that are austere above recognition, I can accredit aback to the photos to actuate what I charge to adjustment the amp. Alike if the exact amplifier that you charge isn't available, there may able-bodied be one that's agnate abundant to be of help. There are abounding amplifiers that use actual agnate circuits. Abounding times, the alone aberration is the way it's laid out on the board. The photos about accommodate one all-embracing angel of the amplifier. Then anniversary area (power accumulation drive, audio drive, preamp...) is photographed to acquiesce you to see the accomplished details. In general, the resolution is aerial abundant so that the ethics of tiny apparent arise apparatus (often alone 0.05" wide) can calmly be read.

The amount is $49.95 additional aircraft via USPS Priority mail ($8) aural the US or via Priority Mail International ($15) for those buyers alfresco of the US.. Since the boilerplate activity for adjustment is ~$40-$70, it will booty actual little time to compensate the amount of this tutorial
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