Fire alarm system is a topic that is always interesting to try. This is because it involves a microcontroller, temperature sensor and smoke and programs in the LCD viewer. This application is a demo of the fire alarm using ATmega AVR Microcontroller 8535, which is already available on-chip 10-bit internal ADC with 8 channels.

Tools required for this application experiment:
1. ATmega AVR Smart 8535 or any other AVR sismin already supports serial communication.

2. 2 LM 35 temperature sensor

3. Sensor Smoke / Gas AF30

4. Digital Multimeter

5. 12V adapter

6. Relay Board

7. Buzzer and spray

Block Diagram

We need a temperature sensor LM35 as a fairly linear measuring range of 0-100 degrees Celsius. 2 sensors fitted to PA.0 and PA.2 as a demo at the room temperature measurements inside and outside. While the humidity sensor has an analog output with a range of type 808H5V5 0.8V - 3.9V connected to PA.1 .. If you want to have a temperature sensor chip cooling, use the type LM35DT
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