RUP-33 Radio Unit

Tactical VHF radio unit was manufactured in "RIZ Zagreb" factory (ex Yugoslavia) in 1978. and was a completely new solution in relation to the Radio set RUP-3. Also as RUP-3 has frekvency range from 52MHz to 59.95 MHz frequency modulation FM, but had direct frequency synthesizer and channel was choseing with three selectors. Transmitter output power is the same - 0.3 W. It is powered by two 8.4 VDC 500 mAh rechargeable NiCd batteries type 7ACH-1, produced in the factory "Krusik" - Valjevo (ex Yugoslavia), or in the far needy 4 of the 4.5 VDC batteryRUP-33.

In the development of applied technology printed circuits, MOSFET transistors and integrated circuits. In the receiving part intermediate frequency amplifier there is a crystal filter Institute Mihajilo Pupin (ex Yugoslavia), which increased sensitivity and resistance to interference device. Set of the device consisted: tranceiver, rod antenna type AT-11, handset type MK-2A, sources of electrical energy, bag and belt for carrying.

Technical Specification: Frequency Range: 52 - 59.95 MHz, Output Power: 0.3 W; Modes of Operation: FM; Power Requirements: two 8.4 VDC 500 mAh NiCd batteries;
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