This SPI Beam Programmer can be acclimated either for in-system programming or as a stand-alone consecutive beam programmer for the Atmel SPI programmable devices. The programmer accouterments interface is controlled by the PC alongside anchorage and the alongside anchorage ascendancy signals are advisedly selectable by the user. The software supports both the 8051 and AVR alternation devices.


Figure 1 shows the ambit diagram of the SPI Beam programmer accouterments interface, the ability to the interface is provided either by a 9V dc adapter or a 9V battery. The 74HCT367 IC absorber the alongside anchorage signals. It is all-important to use the HCT blazon IC in adjustment to accomplish abiding the programmer should additionally assignment with the 3V blazon alongside port. The 74HCT04 is acclimated to accomplish the alarm arresting for the u-controller back programming the accessory in stand-alone mode.
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