Rangkaian Ampifier

10W Audio Amplifier with Bass-boost Rangkaian Ampifier - amplifier circuit
As the amplifier circuit is also used to move a number of frequency loudspeaker, the volume of the bass frequencies will be reduced. Therefore it is necessary to set the bass-boost controls on fedback loop amplifier, this is done to address the decline in quality. Graph bass can reach a maximum of +16.4 dB @ 50Hz.
: 22K Log Potemsiometer (Dual gang for stereo) C3, 4 : 470uF/25V
P2 : 100K Log Potemsiometer (Dual gang for stereo) C6 : 47pF 63V ceramic ar polyester capasitor
R2, 4, 8 : 820R 1/4W C7 : 10nF 63V polyester capasitor
R1 : 4K7 1/4W C9 : 100nF 63V polyester capasitor
R3 : 500R 1/2W D1 : 1N4148 75V 150mA Diode
R5 : 82K 1/4W IC 1 : NE5532 Low noise Dual Op-amp
R6, 7 : 47K 1/4W Q1 : BC547B 45V 100mA NPN Transitor
R9 : 10R 1/2W Q2 : BC557B 45V 100mA PNP Transitor
R10 : 0,22 4W(wirewound) Q3 : TIP42A 60V 6A PNP Transistor
C1, 8 : 470nF 63V polyester capasitor Q4 : TIP41A 60V 6A NPN Transistor
C2, 5 : 100uF/25V J1 : RCA audio input socket
Note: This circuit can be connected directly to a CD player, tuner, and tape recorders. Q3 and Q4 must be in pairs with the heatsink.

Adjust the volume control at minimum position and R3 with a minimum value of resistance as well. try to switch the circuit set in R3 to read the flow of about 20 to 25mA. Wait for 15 minutes, connect the ground of A1, P1, C2, C3dan C4. Connect the output also C9 ground.
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