Meningkatkan Penerimaaan Sinyal HSDPA

The expresscard modems have a place to attach an external antenna, so its relatively easy to use a roof mounted antenna with those.

Unfortunately the USB modems don't really have an antenna attachment (apparently there is one inside but you'd have to crack it open and solder an antenna in), so its not really an option.

However if you use a fairly long USB cable you might able to hang it in a window. Thats what I do when I have to and it does help. Try using a velcro thingy to place it in a window and see if it improves.Optus use 2100mhz at the moment which is not very good at penetrating buildings. THe modem will try to find a 3G/HSDPA signal but if it cant, it will fall back to GSM/GPRS. Locking the modem to 3G only in this case will just make the modem not detect any signal at all.

If moving the USB modem closer to a window doesnt help, the only way you can improve the signal is to get a modem which accepts an external antenna. Failing that, you will have to go use Telstra Next G.I cut around the mounting plastic so just the active coupler was left, and then attached it to the E220 with a rubber band. Its gone from 3bars GPRS to 2 bars 3G. I'm in a little utility room under the stairs that has bad reception for all mobiles (thats why there's an antenna to it). It seems the best place to attach it is on the front of the E220, not quite at the top. (I'll post a pic soon).

There a broomstick antenna mounted on the roof and with this coupler thing on it works perfectly! I just might try and mount the antenna on a vehicle (thats what it was designed for in the first place).
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