Explanation of modem signal types

The modem can pick up three different kinds of signal depending on what is available in your area.

* The first is called GPRS and its approximate speed is slightly faster than older dial up internet or up to 56.6 kilobits per second
* The second is called 3G and this is up to approximately 7 times faster (Up to 384 kilobits per second)
* The third is called HSDPA and this is up to approximately 20 times faster than 3G (Up to 7.2 Mb or 7200 kbps) in 3G areas if HSDPA is also available then the modem will switch to this while in use and switch back to 3G while idle.

It is possible to change the connection type to prefer one of these signals and select a different type if the preferred is not available. It is also possible to set the modem to detect only one of these types of signals

How to know what type of signal your modem is using

* When the modem is picking up GPRS signal it will have a green light (Please note this will also show if the modem is plugged in)
* When the modem is picking up 3G signal it will have a blue light.
* When the modem is picking up HSDPA signal it will have a light green/yellow light

It will also say on the main view screen of the Vodafone software the type of signal you are currently detecting.

How to know if you are connected

If you are connected the modems light will be solid rather than flashing. The Connect button on the main view of the Vodafone software will also have changed to a disconnect button.
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