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Huawei E220 Problem or PC Problem...?
My E220 modem on 3 in the UK wont transfer any data whilst receiving a 3G signal... Its fine when it receives HSDPA. I get a full 3Gsignal but it wont even open a web page... Is my PC at fault or is it the modem... I've no idea... Any clues would be most welcome...PLEASE...! Cant get it through to three support that its only on 3G where the problem is
try to ping a website when u are on the 3g network

steps to do so.

go to start > run>>

type cmd in the run command box & hit enter,

on the black command screen that comes up type ping & hit enter check whats the response that u receive if it says received 0 pc if says received 4 all fine.

just try a manual network selection by going to settings & network & manual choose network & search

& select 3(3g) on the screen & register

if didnt help try to change the apn from to 3internet(all as it appears on the scvreen now)
to do this u need to go to settings click on connections & select new & then add a profile name make sure u dont replicate the existing name.

enter the number to dial as *99# ( its star 99 & a hash )

dont change anything else the apn will show as dynamic select static only then u will be able to add the apn in the space alloted.

hope these help u


technical support advisor from the 3uk team.
10:08 03 Jan 08
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already tried the ping test... it loses all when on a 3g signal. Tried manually registering, no change. I asked the support people if there were any other settings I could try they said no. I will try changing the APN and see how it goes. Fortunatley I've been receiving an HSDPA signal more often than not lately. Many thanks for the advice, its most appreciated.
14:57 01 Jun 08
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hi there,

did this issue ever get resolved??? was it a modem fault, PC fault or network fault????

i have exactly the same problem with the same modem on the three network. it works fine on HSDPA but as soon as it drops to normal 3G all transfers stop dead. Been into the three shop and neither them or the technical support line could work out what was wrong??????
<>It has worked fine for the last 2 months but has been like this for the past week. Also the first few times i try to connect i get a "connection failed" message even though there is full 3G signal when i try.
15:28 07 Jun 08
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Never got to the bottom of it i'm afraid.. I sent the modem back to them to have a look at but it came back three days later saying it was working OK. I got back on to the tech guys again and it all started going round in the same circle of them having no idea again. They eventually said there was a service limitation in my area...? Not true, had full signal all the time..? They just didnt have a clue... In the end I told them to stick it and under the sale of goods act I was cancelling my contract as they were not able to resolve the problem. They werent happy with that and they're still chasing me for the outstanding balance... I cancelled the DD and told em they getting nothing. Got sky broadband now, £5 a month for 40Gb... Its great.
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