Skema Pemancar TV-Radio-FM-Elektronik

Video fans and professionals in the field will find in this small signal distributor-amplifier an excellent ally when it’s necessary to distribute a single video signal across several equipments. The circuit shown here should have a lot of applications.

Basically, the distribution amplifier takes thecomposite video signal from a video player (VCR) or a video generator (analogue output) and buffers it in such a way that it can be simultaneously applied to up to five different video equipment inputs, like monitors, TV sets, other VCRs and so on. For example, in a hall, the image produced by a central DVD player can be shown on five different TV screens with the sound reproduced through a separate amplifier.

The circuit is based on the type EL2020 (or similar) operational amplifier which is marled by large bandwidth. The LL2020 amplifies the video signal applied to the input stage, with a gain adjustment range of ±6 dB. Output transistor Q1, a 2N3866, applies the video signal to the five outputs designed to drive loads with 75-Ω impedance.

The circuit requires a ±12 V symmetrical supply voltage, which can be obtained from aconventional power supply as shown by the schematic.
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