Skema Simple line mixer

I advised this ambit for one acquaintance of abundance to be acclimated as a baby carriageable DJ mixer. The ambit is an audio mixer ambit so simple as it can be. There are two bifold logarithmic potentiometers in the ambit to acclimatize the ascribe arresting levels and some resistors to do the absolute mixing. The ambit is absolutely passive, so no ability accumulation is needed.

The ambit is acceptable to be uses as a mixer amid two band akin sources and one HIFI amplifier input. This ambit accept been auspiciously acclimated for bond signals anatomy two CD players or computer soundcard and CD players. There are abounding situations area simple mixer would be advantageous and commercially accessible mixer desks are too big-ticket and big.

This simple band mixer has two drawbacks: it attenuates the arresting all the time (even sliders set to maximum) and the achievement impedance is absolutely high. The aboriginal botheration can be apparent by aloof axis a little added aggregate in the amplifier. Aerial ouput impedance is no botheration back affiliated to aerial impedance amplifier ascribe with abbreviate affairs (few meters).

In the account beneath you see the schematic of the accomplished mixer circuit. The potentiometer slides which are absolutely central one bifold potentiometers are affiliated calm application one line. Every ascribe and achievement pin has agnate arena arresting on the appropriate ancillary of the arresting line.
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